Mom’s Gum Disease Raises Risk of Preterm Birth

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Gum infections do more than cause problems for your heart and

Women who develop gum disease during pregnancy, as many do, are
at increased risk for delivering prematurely and of delivering an
infant of low birth weight, according to a study conducted in

The researchers reported that periodontal therapy to get rid of
the bacteria in the plaque that coats the teeth reduced the risk
of having preterm and low birth weight babies. It appears that
infection in the mother plays a role in about half of all cases
of premature deliveries.

There is evidence that periodontal pathogens can cross the
placenta and produce infection in the fetus.

If you are pregnant and have a history of gum problems, please consult with one of our physicians. We can offer you a customized
healthy diet plan that reduces risk of gum disease while still
nourishing your baby. We can also prescribe supplements that will
be helpful.

Source: Lopez, NJ et al, Periodontal Therapy Reduces the Rate of
Preterm Low Birth Weight in Women With Pregnancy-Associated
Gingivitis, J Periodontol. 2005 Nov;76(11-s):2144-2153.