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September 2004 Archives

Natural Health News

Reusing Cooking Oil Increases Blood Pressure

Health experts say that different types of cooking oils are better for you than others, and a new study suggests that the number of times you reuse cooking oils can also affect your health. Spanish researchers found that people whose kitchens contained any type of oil that had been reused many times over were more likely to have high blood pressure than people whose cooking oils were changed more frequently. People who ate foods...

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Natural Health News

Cod Liver Oil May Benefit Baby's IQ

Pregnant and breast-feeding women who supplement their diets with cod liver oil may help boost their children's intelligence, according to new study findings. A type of omega-3 fatty acid known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is crucial for the development of the central nervous system. It is thought that pregnant and breast-feeding women who consume such fatty acids might improve the intellectual potential of their children, particularly during the third trimester and in the first...

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Natural Health News

Study Blames Corn Syrup for Rise of Diabetes

Corn syrup and other refined foods share much of the blame for the huge increase in type-2 diabetes in the United States over the past few decades. A study of nearly 100 years of data on what Americans eat shows a huge increase in processed carbohydrates, especially corn syrup, and a large drop in the amount of fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables. It parallels a jump in the number of cases of...

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Natural Health News

Seafood Linked with Reduced Bipolar Disorder Risk

A recent study has shown a link between greater seafood consumption and lower rates of bipolar disorders. The researchers reviewed population-based studies to identify the lifetime prevalence of bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, bipolar spectrum disorder, and schizophrenia in several countries. The incidence of bipolar disorders was compared to national seafood consumption data compiled by the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Agriculture Organization of the WHO. Increased seafood consumption was found to...

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