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August 2004 Archives

Natural Health News

Vitamins May Protect Against Cataracts

As Americans get older, the incidence of cataracts is expected to triple in the next half century. But the risk of this age-related condition, in which of the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and impairs vision, may be reduced by taking a daily multivitamin pill for 10 years or more, recent study findings suggest. "There is evidence that certain dietary components, such as vitamins and minerals involved in protection against oxidative stress, may...

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Natural Health News

Exercise May Reverse Heart Disease in Fat Kids

Our children are getting fatter, and even toddlers are showing early signs of heart disease such as high cholesterol and the beginnings of clogged arteries. But several researchers told a recent meeting of the American Heart Association that parents can safely do something about it. Daniel Green of the University of Western Australia tested 35 obese children aged 6 to 16. He used a test of vascular endothelial function that looks at the inside...

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Natural Health News

Up to 20% of Drugs May Cause Unexpected Problems

Up to one fifth of all new prescription drugs may ultimately be recalled or produce potentially harmful side effects, a recent study concludes. "The safety of new agents cannot be known with certainty until a drug has been on the market for many years," according to the lead researcher. The study results are based on an evaluation of the 548 drugs that were first marketed between 1975 and 1999. The researchers looked up all...

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Natural Health News

Back to School - Nutrition for Kids

As you prepare to send your children back to school, there are many things you may be thinking of: new clothes, schoolbooks, and lunch boxes. Another thing you can think about is their nutrition. A healthy diet and supportive nutritional supplements can help give kids what they need to be their best during the school year and beyond. Let's face it: few kids eat the perfect diet. Families are in a hurry and kids...

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