Diabetics May Have Symptomless Heart Disorder

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Even diabetics who keep their condition under control and don’t
have any obvious symptoms of heart disease may be at risk for
hidden heart problems, researchers in Canada report. In this
study, 60% of men aged 38 to 67 with well-controlled type 2
diabetes had a heart disorder called left ventricular diastolic
dysfunction (LVDD).

LVDD is an impairment in the relaxation phase of the heart’s left
ventricle, the main pumping chamber. This can lead to increased
pressure and fluids in the lungs or in vessels that return blood
to the heart and may be the first sign of diabetes-related heart

Evaluation of 46 diabetic men in the study revealed they not have
any obvious signs of heart disease. “The major finding of this
study is that LVDD is much more prevalent than previously
suggested in subjects with type 2 diabetes who are free of
clinically detectable heart disease,” the authors concluded.

The findings suggest that heart function should be evaluated soon
after type 2 diabetes is diagnosed, even when there are no
apparent signs of heart disease. In addition, this study suggests
that simply “controlling” diabetes is not sufficient to prevent
LVDD. In other words, you want to remove the underlying causes of
your diabetes, in addition to controlling blood sugar
fluctuations. That Connecticut Center for Health has developed a
comprehensive natural therapy program specifically targeted to
remove the controllable causes of diabetes.

If you have diabetes or are “pre-diabetic”,
consult with one of our physicians
about reducing
your risk of diabetes and LVDD.

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SOURCE: Diabetes Care 2000;24:5-10.