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April 2004 Archives

Natural Health News

Antibiotics Linked to Breast Cancer, Crohn's

Two studies came out last month that cast an unhealthy shadow on the overuse of antibiotics. In a major study at the University of Washington, the use of antibiotics was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Earlier reports have suggested a link between antibiotics and increased cancer risk. When compared to women with no history of antibiotic use, women with cumulative antibiotic use for 1 to 500 days had a 2.5-fold increased...

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Natural Health News

Do You Have a Seasonal Allergy?

Seasonal allergies are most common during the warmer months of spring, summer and fall when the number of plants, grasses and trees that are budding and blooming is much higher. The concentration of pollens in the air is high and you're also outside more enjoying the warm weather, thus increasing your exposure to these pollens. Seasonal allergies occur when your immune system reacts vigorously to air-borne allergens by releasing histamine and other substances that...

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Natural Health News

Diabetics May Have Symptomless Heart Disorder

Even diabetics who keep their condition under control and don't have any obvious symptoms of heart disease may be at risk for hidden heart problems, researchers in Canada report. In this study, 60% of men aged 38 to 67 with well-controlled type 2 diabetes had a heart disorder called left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (LVDD). LVDD is an impairment in the relaxation phase of the heart's left ventricle, the main pumping chamber. This can lead...

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