Vitamin D May Cut Women’s Heart Disease Death Risk

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Women who take vitamin D supplements lower their risk of death
from heart disease by one-third, a team of researchers from the
University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) told attendees of
an American Heart Association meeting last year.

Low levels of vitamin D in the blood have previously been
correlated with higher risk of heart disease and heart attacks.
The researchers set out to determine if taking vitamin D
supplements decreases this risk.

The researchers analyzed data from nearly 10,000 women over the
age of 65 who were enrolled in a study of how often osteoporosis
causes broken bones. Of these, more than 4,200 women reported
that they took vitamin D supplements at the time of the study,
and another 733 reported a prior history of supplement use.

After following the women for an average of nearly 11 years, the
researchers found that the risk of heart disease death was 31%
lower in those women who were taking vitamin D at the time of the

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