Slightly High Blood Pressure Is a Health Risk

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High blood pressure is a serious health risk, leading to
cardiovascular disease and shortened lifespan. In fact, even
slightly elevated blood pressure is a health risk, according to a
study in the New England Journal of Medicine. This study followed
6,859 men and women for 10 years. Those whose blood pressure was
at the higher end of the “normal” range were more
likely to develop heart disease. For example, women with
high-normal blood pressure had a 2.5 times greater risk of heart
disease than those with normal blood pressure.

Even if you think your blood pressure is “normal”,
you should double-check your readings. Blood pressure readings
are taken in two numbers. The first number in your blood pressure
reading is the systolic value, describing the pressure in your
heart during contraction. The second number is the diastolic
value, describing the pressure when your heart is at rest between

A blood pressure reading of less than 140 over 90 is considered
normal. A systolic reading of 130-139 and a diastolic reading of
85-89 is considered “high-normal”.

In light of this new study, you need to pay more
attention to your blood pressure than ever before. Even if
you’re not under active treatment, please come in at any
time and we will check your blood pressure for you at no charge.
We’ll tell you if you are in the “high-normal”
range or not. If your blood pressure is elevated, it can be well
managed with natural treatment.