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Sinusitis Treatment

Several clinical studies have found sinus lavage with hypertonic saline solution quite effective for the treatment of chronic and acute sinusitis. In one study, patients with severe chronic sinusitis and significant pathologic changes to their sinuses were treated with hypertonic or normal saline. These patients had long histories of antibiotic, decongestant, and steroid medication use. No medications were used during the study. Complete relief of the majority of symptoms and a reversal of abnormal sinus changes were found only in the hypertonic saline group.

People with chronic sinusitis have been shown to have abnormally functioning and damaged cilia lining their nasal and sinus passages. Cilia are microscopic hairs, beating 16 times per second they move secretions, dirt and bacteria along and out of the respiratory system. This is essential for proper drainage, hygiene, and maintenance of healthy tissues.

Hypertonic sinus lavage works by increasing the activity of the normally sluggish or inactive cilia found in chronic sinusitis sufferers. In addition, hypertonic saline reduces swelling and edema as fluids are drawn out of tissues via an osmotic gradient. The solution has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also aids in dissolving and mechanically breaking up crusts and tenacious secretions.

How to Do Hypertonic Sinus Lavage


Reflexology for Sinusitis

One study found the daily stimulation of reflexology points to be as effective as daily hypertonic sinus lavage in treating chronic sinusitis. If you would like to enhance your treatment, try adding reflexology to your sinus lavage regime.

On the side opposite the nail on the tips of all 10 toes and all the fingers - except the thumbs - are reflexology points. These points correspond to tissues of the sinuses.

Apply pressure using the thumb and index finger for 20-30 seconds 1 to 3 times daily to each of the 18 points indicated on the diagram, use enough force to cause some discomfort. Tender areas will guide you to the right spot.


What Should You Do Next?

The doctors at The Connecticut Center for Health are quite experienced in how to treat acute or chronic sinusitis.

If you would like to learn more about natural medicine approaches to sinusitis, contact one of our clinics for a free consultation or an appointment.

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