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Obesity & Overweight

Obesity and being overweight is the #1 health problem in the U.S.

How Is Overweight Measured?
How Common Is Obesity?
What Causes It?
What Are the Health Consuquences?
How Is It Diagnosed?
What Is the Best Treatment?
What Should You Do Next?

How Is Overweight Measured?

The term “overweight” refers to increased body weight in relation to height, when compared to a standard of acceptable or desirable weight. Overweight may or may not be due to increases in body fat. It may also be due to an increase in lean muscle.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of the relationship (or ratio) of weight-to-height. It is a formula in which body weight in kilograms is divided by the square of a person's height in meters.

The BMI is more highly correlated with body fat than any other indicator of height and weight. Individuals with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 are considered overweight, while individuals with a BMI of 30 or more are considered obese.

How Common Is Obesity?

What Causes Overweight?

Overweight may be due to a variety of causes. These include:

What Are the Health Consequences of Overweight or Obesity?

Overweight and obese individuals are at increased risk for health problems including:

How Is Overweight or Obesity Diagnosed?

What Is the Best Treatment for Obesity or Overweight?

Conventional Treatment for Obesity & Overweight

Why Weight Loss Programs Fail

Natural Approaches for Permanent Weight Loss

What Should You Do Next?

The doctors at The Connecticut Center for Health are very experienced in how to achieve permanent weight loss. We have helped dozens of people attain their weight loss goals.

If you would like to learn more about natural medicine approaches to weight loss, contact one of our clinics for a free consultation about weight loss or an appointment.

One of our physicians will work with you to develop an individualized weight loss program that may include:


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