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Why We Feature Supplements by Vital Nutrients

The solution to your health problem depends to a large extent on the clinical effectiveness of your physician's treatment program, and on the vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients you may be taking to alleviate your discomfort, increase wellbeing or prevent disease. If you're taking nutritional supplements, read this page.

Dr. Liva's Shocking Discovery

Some years ago I observed that many of my patients improved from the nutrient products I prescribed -- but a significant number of them did not. I often wondered if the failure was truly a treatment failure (not everybody responds), or if it was caused by some quality issues with the products I was prescribing. I went on a hunt to try and find out.

I investigated two things:

  1. exactly what guidelines have to be followed to make a high quality botanical or natural product, and
  2. which of my suppliers actually followed those guidelines.

I spent a few months educating myself on nutritional supplement quality assurance guidelines. Once I had this information I called the suppliers of my clinic and asked if they followed the quality assurance guidelines I had learned about. I discovered that my suppliers and manufacturers did little to assure product quality and consistency of their supplements. In fact, I learned that the nutritional supplement industry as a whole does little or no quality assurance testing of their products. This industry is not held accountable by any government or private agency to comply with any standard of quality assurance. There is a lot of talk about quality, but little proof of quality assurance. The motivation behind the lack of quality assurance seems to be financial gain, not integrity.

When natural product manufacturers buy raw materials from their suppliers they believe in good faith that these raw materials are properly tested and are therefore authentic, potent and not contaminated. Most (probably 90%) manufacturers do not perform independent testing to confirm the quality of their raw materials, and thus they cannot verify any level of quality assurance that is actually in their products. In summary, most manufacturers of natural products do NO quality assurance testing of raw materials or finished products. Scary thought isn’t it?

More and more there are reports of randomly tested nutritional supplements that were found to be contaminated, sub-potent, adulterated, or simply just not what the label claimed them to be.

Because of this situation it is probably very unwise to "assume" that a supplier is providing you with top-quality products, just because they say so. They must be able to provide you with comprehensive and conclusive proof that their products are exactly as they are represented to you. This is key and the most important factor to ensure a good clinical outcome. - Dr. Rick Liva, Founding Physician - The Connecticut Center for Health

26 Reasons Why Vital Nutrients Products Should Be Your First Choice

Vital Nutrients is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that supplies most of the products for the patients of the Connecticut Center for Health. Our physicians have found that they get a better clinical outcome with their patients when they use Vital Nutrients products. Vital Nutrients is one of a handful of US companies that provides extensive proof of independent quality assurance testing on raw materials, finished products and stability samples.

After an exhaustive review, our physicians chose Vital Nutrients products for their patients for the 26 reasons listed below:

  1. Independently audited by the NNFA for compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s). cGMP’s are a recognized industry standard for high quality nutritional supplement manufacturing. Received a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) "A" Rating certification from the NNFA and NSF. (Less than 5% of all natural product manufacturers are GMP certified by even one agency let alone two).
  2. Manufactures its own products and has complete control over quality.
  3. Manufactures its products according to USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) standards.
  4. Manufactures its products according to the FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations.
  5. Every batch of raw materials tested by independent laboratories for microbiology (bacteria, yeast, mold, Salmonella, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus).
  6. Every batch of raw materials tested by independent laboratories to verify product authenticity, potency and cleanliness.
  7. Every batch of herbal raw materials tested by independent laboratories for lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and aluminum content. These are toxic metals often found in herbal raw material.
  8. Every batch of herbal raw materials tested by independent laboratories for chemical or solvent residue/content.
  9. Every batch of herbal raw materials tested by independent laboratories for herbicide and pesticide residue/content.
  10. Every batch of herbal raw materials tested by independent laboratories for aflatoxin (aflatoxin is a poison produced by certain fungi found in the ground).
  11. Every batch of oil products (Flax Oil, Fish Oil, Borage Oil, etc) tested by independent laboratories for both primary oxidation byproducts (peroxide levels) and for secondary oxidation byproducts (anisidine levels). These are tests of rancidity.
  12. All oil products are independently tested for authenticity, potency, toxic metals, herbicides & pesticides, chemical or solvent residue/content.
  13. Every batch of Fish Oil capsules and liquids tested by independent laboratories for dioxins and furans and PCB’s. These are cancer causing and toxic industrial pollutants commonly found in fish.
  14. Every batch of Fish Oil capsules and liquids meet European Union purity standards for dioxins and furans.
  15. Knows the country of origin of all of its raw materials.
  16. Performs its own Certificate of Analysis verification on all raw materials, instead of relying on information provided by a manufacturer or distributor.
  17. All herbal raw materials verified for correct plant genus and species.
  18. Every batch of finished products tested by independent laboratories for microbiological contamination, and label claim potency.
  19. Has a stability testing program that is designed to meet FDA requirements regarding product expiration dates. This ensures that the product remains at full label claim potency at least until the expiration date.
  20. Products free from common allergens such as wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, corn, sugar, starch, preservatives, colors or hydrogenated oils (except for products that are supposed to contain soy).
  21. Has an in-house Quality Assurance and Quality Management program.
  22. All raw materials quarantined before Quality Assurance releases them.
  23. Has a label management program to ensure the label is always correct.
  24. Has written standard operating procedures that cover manufacturing, quality control, sanitation and material procurement and all other process in facility.
  25. Effective formulations, based on the most recent good science that is available.
  26. Any laboratory assay on any product available upon request.

Using cheap nutritional supplements is not worth the gamble that they may be sub-potent, inauthentic or contaminated. High quality, independently tested nutritional supplements may cost slightly more but you gain the comfort of knowing you are taking an authentic, clean and maximum potency product that is safe and likely to be far more effective.

Highest-quality nutritional supplements from Vital Nutrients are now available to you at our Online Supplement Store. If you wish to order Vital Nutrients supplements by phone, please call 877-347-8600.

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