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Medical Symptoms Diagnosis & Solutions Service

The Medical Symptoms Diagnosis & Solutions Service is an effective way for you to get your medical questions answered and to get medical conditions information.

Your Dilemma
The Problem
The Solution
How You Benefit
Are You a Candidate for this Service?
Your Health Investment
Our Guarantee
How to Get Started

Your Dilemma

Have you ever felt that no one is coordinating your health care?

Or, that your doctor:

If this describes your situation, please read this page about Medical Symptoms Diagnosis and Solutions. You no longer need to be left in the dark as your doctor treats and medicates you at a relatively superficial level.

The Problem

The problem is your doctor doesn’t have enough time to deliver the best possible health care.

Think back to the last time you visited your medical doctor. Much of your visit was probably consumed with waiting to see the doctor, or talking with a nurse. So how much time did your doctor actually spend with you? 15 minutes? 5 minutes? How can any physician, no matter how experienced or talented, deliver thorough medical service in such a short time?

The Solution

The Connecticut Center for Health has developed a service that coordinates your health care and conducts in-depth research to find out the latest and best treatments for your health problems.

The service has these possible components:

All of this medical information is reviewed and assembled into a comprehensive, in-depth report that profiles your health status, and how the latest research and expertise can be applied to improve your specific health situation.

How You Benefit

Are You a Candidate for the Medical Symptoms Diagnosis Service?

Anyone who takes his or her health seriously is a candidate for this service. However, the service should be especially useful to someone who has a history of chronic medical symptoms but who hasn’t been successfully treated in the past.

You don’t have to be a patient to take advantage of this service; it’s available to anyone. Perhaps you have a friend or loved one you’ve been concerned about, a person who could benefit from a careful and thorough health review.

Your Health Investment

From most doctors, you can’t obtain this service at any price. They simply won’t take the time to do it. One of our physicians will be assigned to work with you and will take the time needed to help you.

Your investment is $80 for a half hour, with a one-hour minimum. You may purchase as many half-hour increments as needed, or you may limit your investment to a predetermined specific amount of time. Of course, any unused time will be immediately refunded to you.

Our Guarantee

We’re confident you will receive a health benefit that far exceeds the modest investment for your Medical Symptoms Diagnosis & Solutions report. If for any reason you don’t agree, we will give you a complete refund.

How to Get Started

Since each individual has a different health situation, it's not possible to say in advance exactly how much time will be required to perform the research and provide a report to you.

Therefore, give us a call and tell us exactly what you want to know. We'll give you a time estimate and the name of the physician who will be compiling your report. We will also make arrangements for payment.

Please call one of our clinics: