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How We Get You Well

Our goal is to provide you with the best and most effective health care service you have ever received. Here's our general approach to your health care:

Initial Consultation First, the doctor sits down with you and takes time to listen to you, get acquainted with your health concerns, and answer your questions. A comprehensive medical history is taken and your medical questionnaire is reviewed.

If you have an acute or urgent medical condition, laboratory tests may be ordered and treatment given to relieve symptoms until we can gather all of the facts about your condition.

Note: We don't try to squeeze in a physical exam during the initial consultation. We have found that taking a thorough medical history is necessary to help us identify the cause of your health problems. A good medical history takes time, so we have chosen to make that a priority. However, if a physical exam is indicated, we will schedule a separate visit for that.

Diagnostic Overview Visit Based on the results of your initial consultation, we present you with our recommendations for the diagnostic testing needed to more completely identify the roots of your health problems. We discuss our reasons for each test, and the testing options available to you. We also explain how to proceed with testing.

Adequate diagnostic testing is necessary in order to avoid guesswork or merely treat superficial problems. We have found that you'll recover your health more quickly if we can focus in on the most important factors causing your health condition. In many situations, only diagnostic lab testing can reveal these crucial factors.

Health Recovery Plan Visit After your lab tests have been reviewed, we create a written, comprehensive and fully customized Health Recovery Plan for you. In this visit, we go over the Plan with you, make modifications if necessary, and get your approval. This Plan will be your roadmap to follow until you have reached your health goals.

Follow-Up Visits We will review your progress on a regular basis and make plan modifications as needed. Remember, as you get better your treatment will need to be modified. Follow-up visits support you to stay committed, ensure a better outcome, and save you money by avoiding unnecessary treatment.

If you have a serious chronic condition, please realize that it will take considerable time to reverse a process that has been developing for many years. There is no "quick fix" for most chronic degenerative disorders. You will need to be persistent in following our recommended treatment plan. Even if you consistently follow our treatment plan, it may take up to six months before you see any major improvement. We'll periodically evaluate your progress so that you will know how well you're improving.

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